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The true cost of a holiday

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On this blog we don’t hide the fact that we’re big fans of independent travel, that’s why we were really intrigued about a new report from Teletext Holidays which investigates the true cost of a trip. From baggage fees to aviation insurance here’s what they uncovered…

The investigation


The report examined three typical holiday scenarios, including a family of four travelling to Alicante and a couple’s weekend in Paris. They researched and revealed all the potential costs of all the extra charges they could have to pay when travelling with five different major airlines.

The results

Drive towards Selfoss

Some of the results were actually pretty disappointing, with independent travel on the rise those cheeky airlines are not always up front about the final cost of booking your flight. Here are the results in a handy bite-sized form:

  • The hidden costs varied considerably. For example the couple travelling to Paris on one airline could pay up to £67 in hidden extra costs and on another up to £237 after tax and seat reservations are factored in.
  • The report also identifies individual costs – one airline charges £12 per person for web check-in, and £50 per person for luggage. Added together, these costs can take a serious bite out of your trip’s budget.
  • Many providers try to tempt customers in with incredibly low headline rates – but the report demonstrates, if sometimes can be too good to be true.
  • Hidden charges can come under a whole host of headings including aviation insurance, airport tax, passenger service tax, text confirmation, baggage check in, web check in, seat reservation, fuel surcharge, departure charge, admin fee and security tax.

We definitely feel airlines should be way more up front about the true cost of your trip. Want to find out more? Download the full report here

Written by Becky, photos by Gray.

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