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Booking with Only-Apartments: a stylish alternative to hotels

Only Apartments Amsterdam

Thinking of taking a break longer than a few days? There is an alternative to expensive hotels, here Only-Apartments talk about why apartments are a good option when it comes trips away…

Let’s face it, most of us dream of a less stress way to travel whether for a mini break, business trip or longer. Booking accommodation with Only-apartments www.only-apartments.com the specialist in short stay apartment rentals is the perfect, the ideal alternative to hotel booking. This means you are afforded flexibility, privacy, local authenticity and great value for money. Booking online with Only-apartments provides the opportunity to save money on hotel costs or experience a unique property and to select from 2,000 destinations and more than 30,000 apartments of various types and price ranges.

Only Apartments

Only-apartments operates an instant booking and confirmation system of each property with a detailed description, comprehensive list of amenities and in some case publishes the apartment’s floor plans, as well as other details about the surrounding neighbourhoods. Their online facility is easy to use with fast maps allowing you to see the collection of apartments in each destination at a glance – a simple function surprisingly few sites offer.

Rating System

Only-apartments’ simple system allows for a rigorous search facility as well as comparative checks on apartments from the opinions of previous travellers. One of the highlights of travel is to experience the local culture, people, historic sites, food, hidden mysteries and to enjoy where the locals really live, work and play. Only-apartments are committed to the guidance and goodwill of local knowledge that we all long to hold onto when we are away from “home”.

Only Apartments Barcelona

Ok, there is multitasking for some and now on tap with Only-apartments is the latest travel trend – multiproperty. This recently launched feature caters to all types of travellers – groups of friends, families, and businesses in need of more than one apartment. This innovative application is unique in the online rental sector distinguishing Only-apartments from its competitors. The norm is to collaborate with either “private owners” or “property managers” exclusively. Only-apartments will accept all types of collaborations and the multiproperty feature will help them increase the type of offer even more, including apart-hotels and resorts.

The website property owner listings will be searched by prompt rather than apartment with multiproperty allowing management of many apartments within one profile and multiple reservations on multiple rental sites. The platform to manage the properties used by Only-apartments’ partners offers reservation discounts, so the customer not only benefits from less time invested in their search, but also from a more attractive offer in price. Travellers’ perks are better discounts, more extensive selection of properties and search option for destinations by property type.

Excellent choice

Only Apartments

Based in Barcelona, Only-apartments understands the essence of its headquarter city yet its knowledge base and reach is far more globally encompassing. Only-apartments offers some 30,000 active apartment listings in 106 countries, 70% of which are in Europe, intending to bring that number up to 300,000 within two years. Only-apartments recently expanded into North America and Latin America.

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan city of diversely eclectic culture where passionate nightlife, unique architecture, art and tantalizing delicious tapas all come together. With more than 1,000 apartments listed, enjoy the amazing offers by this global short stay expert and book Easter holiday in Barcelona.

Or even sooner, fed up with the new year detox and woolie socks? Swap those scarves and boots for flipflops and sand between toes at one of many affordable Only-apartments’ locations in the sunshine. Only-apartments boasts 235 additional properties available now in Mallorca, a few minutes from restaurants, cafes, shops and beaches with airport transportation accessibility… Just in time for February Half Term with the family.

Or if you’re one of those hankering for an extra chill thrill before the snow disappears, head for the majestic slopes. Only-apartments can set you up in a chalet with wraparound panoramic alpine views and some energetic swooshing downhill or off-piste, hot tubs and après ski romance.

About Only-Apartments


Only-apartments specialises in apartment rentals for short stays online acting as direct intermediary between traveller and property owner. Only-apartments offers a wide range of over 30,000 apartments to 2,000 destinations in 109 countries and in 25 languages.
Lower prices than hotels, an authentic local feel, 365 days a year 24/7. Contact Kathleen Molnar for more information kathleen.molnar@inprocom.net or communication@only-apartments.com

This is a sponsored post written by Kathleen Molnar.



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