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6 reasons why you should take a Caribbean holiday during the summer


Caribbean expert Sally Luff makes the case for travelling to the beautiful tropical region during your summer break…

Taking a vacation in the Caribbean during the summer is common for many families and world-wide travellers. Whether you are searching for Jamaica vacations or Aruba vacations, the price for Caribbean vacations are much more budget friendly during the summer. You may think that traveling to the Caribbean sun should only be done during the winter when flurries and slushy snow is everywhere. These 6 reasons will open your eyes to the benefits of booking a summer escape to the tropics.

It’s budget-friendly

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a Bermuda all inclusive resort or a resort in the Dominican Republic as either of them will be much cheaper at this time of year. People who travel in the off season save a great deal of money on a variety of travel such as Caribbean cruises. Some discount travel websites like SellOffVacations.com offer discounts of over 50% on various Caribbean vacation packages, so make sure you do your research.

You’ll avoid the crowds

Bequia Beach 13

Booking a Caribbean vacation in the summer is a great idea if you do not enjoy being around large groups of people. Vacationing during the high season means less available beach loungers, longer lines at the bar in an all inclusive resort and just plain noise. By booking a vacation during the summer time, you are giving yourself and your family the gift of space and availability.

You’ll be guaranteed warm weather

In the Caribbean it is hurricane season in the summer months, but this shouldn’t stop you from booking your escape to the sun. The weather is usually wonderful and sunny during the summer months. Only a few out of the many Caribbean islands get hit by hurricanes and many of them do not get majorly affected. While the chances of a storm hitting the Caribbean island you choose is rare, you might want to purchase some travel insurance just in case you have to cancel.

Beauty will surround you

Liming in St Vincent

The Caribbean islands offer some of the most beautiful natural flora and fauna imaginable and during the summer months it becomes even more colourful. Wildlife presents itself more and visitors can see green sea turtles and hawksbills. When the weather is at its warmest, more flowers blossom in all areas of the island and this will offer more opportunities for photo taking and “being one with nature”.

There will be festivals galore

The Caribbean islands are famous for their summer Carnival festivals. Many tourists miss out on traditional festivals because they book their Caribbean cruises or Caribbean vacations during the winter instead. Enjoy non-stop street parties on islands such as the Dominican Republic or Jamaica and make your summer vacation a memorable one.

There will be more time for family fun

When there are less crowds and more availability during the summer months, there is more time for a family to spend genuine time together. Often, when there are loads of other kids or teenagers around, a family’s time together gets cut short. The kids run off with new friends they made and parents lose out. If you want to have your kids all to yourself, this is the best time to book a vacation and it is also sensible because the kids are off school and have free time.

Kingstown St Vincent

Booking a vacation in the Caribbean during the summer months is a fabulous idea that offers savings, family time, festivals, good weather and quiet moments in some of the most beautiful islands in the world. What are you waiting for? Don’t put your travel plans on the backburner and miss out!



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