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New Year’s Eve – Where’s the party at in the UK?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably be leaving your New Year’s Eve plans to the last minute. If so and you can’t decide which UK city to spend it in, then Hotel Direct have created a handy and fun guide to help you make those decisions….

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Competition: win a skiing holiday to beautiful South Tyrol

Europe offers some of the best skiing in the world and South Tyrol, a resort nestled in the beautiful Italian Domolite mountains, also offers truly breathtaking scenery and of course the most important thing – a plentiful supply of the white stuff….

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Six unique spa retreats to help start your New Year detox

If the Christmas festivities have taken their toll you maybe thinking of getting healthy again for your New Year’s resolution. To help you on your way, here are six remotely located unique spa retreats…

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Christmas in Linz, Austria

The chill of winter swept across my face and my fingers tingled from the cold. But after one sip of my steaming mug of gluhwein, I began to feel the festive warmth inside. I was in Linz, Austria, stood in its endearing Volksgarten Christkindlemarkt – one of three Christmas markets in the city…

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10 reasons why I adore Singapore

Singapore is often seen as just a stop-off destination, as a place to kill a few hours between flights. It’s also known as a commercial hub, as the home of a corruption-free government and strict, almost draconian laws, but what about the culture? Is Singapore lacking its own identity?

Posted on: December 18th in Asia by .

6 reasons why you should visit Wyoming this winter

If you think travel is all about summer vacations, then you’ll be missing out. During the winter, many places take on a new unearthly kind of beauty and throw in some exciting winter sports and you’ve got yourself a pretty fine unique vacation….

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Discovering Quito – Ecuador’s vibrant capital

we spent two full days at the first part of the trip exploring the city, adjusting to both to the city’s altitude and surprisingly slow pace of life. At an elevation of 9,350 feet, Quito is officially the capital city in the world and after landing slightly bewildered…

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Five gorgeously located camping sites in France

For families looking for a more natural holiday experience, here are five of their most gorgeously located campsites where a mixture of wholesome fun and sublime scenery are guaranteed….

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Unspoilt places to visit in Turkey for travel snobs

Despite increasing popularity with the package-tour masses, there are still pockets of rural and unspoilt tranquility in Turkey. Not a fan of huge high rise hotels? Then try these areas filled with untouched villages, sleepy coves and rugged hinterland instead..

Posted on: December 9th in Europe, Travel Snobs by .

10 of the most breathtakingly beautiful places to visit on the planet

There are billions of planets in the universe, but there may be none as beautiful as the Earth. We may be making strides in space exploration and we may be able to visit other planets…

Posted on: December 5th in Travel, Travel Top 10s by .
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