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JustFly’s insider tips: visiting the Yukon, northwest Canada

Just east of Alaska and across the Canadian border is the Yukon Territory. Initially made famous by the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896, the territory has since become famous for its spectacular landscape and mesmerizing natural scenery. As many people flock to the northern countries……

Posted on: March 11th in Travel by .

Trekking the Himalayas – Beas Kund

Stretching in a 2500km-long arc across Asia from Kashmir to Kathmandu, Lhasa to Ladakh, the sprawling Himalayas mountain range (and the treks that it offers) are in high demand for travellers seeking a both gorgeous scenery and a little adventure…..

Posted on: March 8th in Asia by .

Where to find your inner stuntman on your travels

Not everyone wants to spend their travels reading a book under a palm tree, for those seeking more of an adrenaline rush there’s always the option of adventure travel….

Posted on: March 8th in Travel by .

6 reasons why you should add Athens to your travel list

Previously I had only visited Athens back in the summer of 2001 when I had visited to see England play in a world cup qualifier but actually hadn’t had the chance to explore so it was great to return as a guest of Discover Greece and really see what the Greek capital had to offer….

Posted on: March 4th in Europe by .

JustFly’s choice for the most beautifully located hotels in Canada

Travelling throughout Canada is a truly wonderful experience – experiencing the change in scenery, landscape and sometimes even climates makes the Great White North one of the most diverse countries to see. As you make your way through…..

Posted on: March 4th in Travel by .

7 secretly awesome European destinations to add to your travel list in 2016

Stepping aside from mostly from the mainstream (but with a couple of old favourites thrown in for good measure) here are a few secretly fabulous European destinations that you’d be foolish not to add to your 2016 travel list….

Posted on: March 1st in Europe by .

10 travel apps we couldn’t live without

If you want your trip to be an adventure – but one that’s not too adventurous to the point that you might get lost either in trouble or in some strange foreign land, as you pack your bags, why not make sure your smartphone’s loaded….

Posted on: February 25th in Travel by .

Turkish Airlines launch flights to Gotham city and Metropolis!

In the mood for a real adventure? If so, you’re going to love the routes Turkish Airlines, the fourth largest carrier in the world (by number of destinations offered), have just announced. To celebrate the eagerly anticipated 2016 movie…

Posted on: February 25th in Travel by .

Competition: win a luxury holiday in the Scottish Highlands!

We’ve probably mentioned this more than a couple of times on this blog but the Scottish Highlands would most definitely find a place on our list of one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. Its landscapes….

Posted on: February 22nd in Travel by .

Beautiful places to try out your Euro language skills

Many people around the world can speak a second language and it is certainly a useful skill that can help you get ahead, whether you are an avid traveller or fancy working abroad. For many students, old or young, learning a language while sat in a classroom can be a tricky feat….

Posted on: February 22nd in Travel by .
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