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In BIG Pictures: the colours of Myanmar

London based freelance photographer Maxine Bulloch recently travelled to the mysterious and controversial South East Asian country formally known as Burma. The decade long tourism boycott that persuaded many potential visitors to steer clear of the country has been lifted and now the country is no longer shrouded in secrecy. Here are Maxine’s highlights of time-warped, colourful Myanmar…

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Where to party in the Greek Islands

With crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and unrivalled beauty, it’s no wonder that Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Renowned for its 24 hour party culture, it is a favourite amongst merrymakers around the globe…..

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Travel advice: can I get travel insurance coverage with a major health condition?

If you’re thinking of heading off around the world travel insurance is an essential, but what if you have a pre-existing condition does that mean you can’t get cover? Here our travel health expert Bridget Duffy answers this often asked question…

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Under-the-radar UK and Ireland summer breaks 2014

Forget beaches packed elbow-to-elbow this summer and head out to one of the UK’s lesser known spots instead. As part of the Travelodge “Get up and Go” campaign (see the video at the end of the post) we’ve chosen our collective favourite UK and Ireland under-the-radar destinations…

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The best destinations for stag and hen weekends

Party loving travel writer Peter Long chooses his favourite Hen and Stag weekend destinations…

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Ten of the best destinations to charter a yacht

There is little to compare to the freedom of chartering your own yacht and sailing around sunny climes in turquoise waters. Chartering your own boat allows you to encounter different countries, cultures and food in one holiday without the hassle of airport check-ins and on your own terms…

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The best USA Glamping destinations for outdoor lovers

Comfortable and camping aren’t always two words that go together but there is an alternative, glamping or ‘glamorous camping’ is a more upscale accommodation option for nature lovers. Perfect for pickier adventurists, here’s some of our favourite US based glamping breaks ranging from luxury ranches to Hobbit-inspired houses…

Posted on: May 22nd in North America by .

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Malaysia

You name it, Malaysia’s probably got it – beaches to lounge on, rain forests to trek and sweat through, exotic wildlife to seek out, unbeatable cuisine, deep-seated traditions and a rich cultural history. It’s also a rapidly changing nation, capitalising on the natural resources the land has provided with little consideration for the consequences…

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6 reasons why you should take a Caribbean holiday during the summer

Whether you are searching for Jamaica vacations or Aruba vacations, the price for Caribbean vacations are much more budget friendly during the summer….

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Under the radar European cities to visit by rail in 2014

With high-speed modern rail services whisking travellers from city centre to city centre at speeds of up to 320km per hour, exploring Europe by train has never been easier. It’s also eco friendly (around 10 times lower carbon emissions than travelling by plane) and much easier to book tickets than you think….

Posted on: May 13th in Europe by .
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