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In BIG pictures: beauty spots of Queensland, Australia

We were invited on the exciting ‪#‎ThisisQueensland‬ blog trip with Visit Queensland touring around Australia’s dazzling northeastern corner. With days of endless sunshine, gorgeous coastal towns and some of the finest beaches in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s an extraordinarily beautiful place…

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Underrated European spots to travel to by road

With it’s uncrowded roads, pretty traditional towns and miles of unspoilt scenery, Europe is seemingly made for an incredible road trip. If you’ve already hit the continents’ major cities and tourist spots, here’s are collective favourite under-the-radar travel destinations to explore by car instead…

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10 reasons why you should visit Jersey this year

Jersey, the biggest of the cluster of the Channel Islands nestled just off the coast of France is a beautiful travel destination teeming with gorgeous coastlines, picturesque harbours and bags of old-world charm. Our writer Holly Daffurn went to explore this lovely but often underrated travel destination…

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Road tripping – how to plan the perfect road trip

The warmer weather is on its way, so now is the perfect time to get out and have an adventure! If you want to avoid airport hassles, hitting the road is a great alternative. In our Auto Advance guest post, here’s some tips to planning your road trip…

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In BIG Pictures: views of New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand is a place where the imposing natural landscapes rule and sheep outnumber the locals six to one, so it’s no wonder so many independent travellers are so drawn to this pristinely kept country. Arguably the jewel in this country’s crown is the South Island….

Posted on: April 24th in Our Trips by .

Infographic: know your travel currencies

It always pays to be savvy about your currencies before you head off on your travels! This fun Teletext Holidays infographic will help you answer all your travel currency questions…

Posted on: April 24th in Travel by .

10 reasons why the Galápagos Islands should be at the top of your bucket list

Residing around 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador, and slap-bang on the equator, this cluster of islands each has its own unique atmosphere, extraordinary landscape and unrivalled wildlife. This is a place where you can be face-to-face with more curiously fearless animals….

Posted on: April 16th in Our Trips, South America, Travel by .

Launch of a revolutionary new Travel App – ToMyCar

There are hundreds of travel apps launched every year but there’s precious few that really stand out. Enter ToMyCar, a revolutionary new car hire app developed by Europcar, the leaders in car hire services in Europe. Hiring a car when you’re travelling can be a huge hassle especially when you get off your flight bewildered and jetlagged…

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12 under the radar things to do in Paris

There is something ephemeral about walking the streets of Paris, knowing that at some point in the past Hemingway, Joyce and Scott Fitzgerald too tripped along the same cobbles. Although nothing quite takes the magic of the moment away than having to queue in long lines to catch a tiny glimpse of Mona Lisa or dodging the snaking crowds of Montmarte…

Posted on: April 7th in Europe by .

Yonderbound – an exciting new way to book your accommodation

Let’s face it, booking a trip online hasn’t changed much in the last decade, the process can be a little tedious and dare we say it a little on the boring side. It can also involve quite a lot of hours of research too, from checking the best places to stay…

Posted on: April 7th in Travel by .
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