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Business travel in fun facts and figures

For some of us, business travel is a necessity and can often be a chore. For others, a meeting outside of work can be a great excuse to leave the office and potentially see more of the world…

Posted on: October 2nd in Travel by .

A journey into the Sahara with the Berbers

Morocco is many things to many people, but upon arriving in Marrakech – teeming with traders in the souks and restaurant hustlers in Jemaa el-Fna square – you might not think it’s the ideal place for a bit of quiet contemplation and stress-free relaxation. Remember though, you’re in North Africa….

Posted on: September 23rd in Africa, Travel by .

The secret to booking cheaper travel deals online

Any observant web user will realise travel companies have quite a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to squeezing as much money out of you as possible. One little trick hits the pockets of people who hesitate on booking up their dream holiday….

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In BIG Pictures: everyday life in North Korea

There’s still a lot of confusion about traveling to North Korea with the general population and much of what is portrayed in the media makes it seem like a dangerous country to visit. However, regardless of the country’s political and economic conflicts with the rest of the world…

Posted on: September 19th in Asia, Travel by .

Tep Wireless: the solution to avoiding scary data roaming charges? 

Anyone who travels a lot will know just how dreaded the words “Data Roaming charges” are. Unless you’ve got a good prearranged deal with a mobile phone company it’s more than likely you’ve been stung with overinflated phone bills….

Posted on: September 19th in Travel by .

6 reasons why you should put Ghent, Belgium on your travel list this year

Lonely Planet calls it “the best kept secret of Europe” and we visited last year we could see why the respected travel guide fell for its quaint charms. Filled with canals, culture and beautiful medieval architecture in abundance, here are our reasons why we think you should add Ghent to your travel wish list, sooner rather than later…

Posted on: September 16th in Europe by .

Learning to Sea Kayak on the West Swedish Coast

“They say you haven’t seen the Bohuslan coast, unless you’ve kayaked the Bohuslan coast”.

So said our guide, Torbjörn, at Nautopp Kayak in Lysekil, on Sweden’s west coast. And seeing as his name translates as “thunder bear” I was inclined to agree to anything he said. Well, that and the fact that he’s a qualified kayaking instructor and I’m claustrophobic under water…

Posted on: September 12th in Europe, Travel by .

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Costa Rica

Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world head to Costa Rica to experience some of the most beautiful parks, beaches, and natural wonders in the world. For such a small country Costa Rica has been blessed with more than it’s fair share of natural beauty and is dotted with sublime beaches and tropical national parks – great for visitors, but it can make choosing an itinerary challenging…

Posted on: September 9th in Beautiful Places, South America by .

Regional airport gems

We all know that one big airport in our city – it’s the one with the long lines and terminals A1 to Z99. Avoiding large international airports…

Posted on: September 9th in Travel by .

The best alternative cruises for travel snobs

Cruises haven’t always enjoyed the best of reputations and they’re definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Consider yourself more of a discerning traveller? From nude cruises to 19th century style tea clippers here are some of the best alternative cruises that would catch the eye of even the most die hard travel snobs…

Posted on: September 5th in Travel Snobs by .
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