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How to survive the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

It’s that time of year again when the cobbled streets of Edinburgh hosts the world’s largest arts festival with over 40,000 acts and more than 2,500 shows packed into a huge range of venues across the city (from private flats and circus tents to pub theatres and public toilets)…

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5 of the most ruggedly beautiful places in the UK

Although it’s relatively small, the UK has a huge number of fabulously remote places known for their naturally rugged beauty. So if you’re curious to see what inspirational untamed places this small Isle has to offer read on. Here are our top 5 wild places in the UK…

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10 of the prettiest wine regions in France

Wine lovers from around the world flock to France for its sheer abundance of vineyards and vintages. While you don’t have to be a fan of grapes to take advantage of the wine regions, it certainly helps. France is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, so take one..

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A daredevil’s guide to the Canadian Rockies

Few people need to be convinced of the many reasons why holidays in Canada are a good idea – they give you the chance to explore some of the most beautiful and wild landscapes anywhere on Earth. Of course, there’s more than one way to ‘explore’ any destination…

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Lesser known stops along Australia’s East Coast

The route up (or down) the Australian East coast is THE most travelled back packer route in the world, or so my Travel agent told me sitting in rainy London many months ago now. Being such an audacious claim I’m not going to put my head on the line and endorse this, but there’s no mistaking it as a mecca of travel for backpackers, flashpackers, career breakers and wandering souls…

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10 cool things to do in Zurich

Switzerland’s largest city is really starting to come into its own. With its huge crystal-clear lake, attractive old town and backdrop of beautiful mountains, Zurich has always been known for its high standard of living (as well as anonymous bank accounts). Now though the city is also shedding its once uptight and dare we say…slightly stuffy image….

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15 extreme travel experiences

A trip away doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit by the pool sipping cocktails all day. There are so many adrenaline-packed activities to get your heart racing and many are set in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Here is our pick of the 15 most extreme travel experiences on offer all over the globe…

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20 beautiful places to visit in the Canary Islands

When you think of the Canary Islands, you might think of sunburnt Brits, Irish bars and all day breakfast cafes. This group of Spanish owned islands just off the coast of Africa may have been dealt an unjust blow…

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5 ways to save money on your next trip

Everyone knows how expensive travel can be, but you can always find ways to make it happen, even in these budget conscious times. Here’s my favourite five key money-saving tips…

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In BIG pictures: the Côte d’Azur

A place which has long held fascination with the rest of the world and attracted the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and of course the cream of Europe’s glitterati. In June we explored the Côte d’Azur region starting in the typical Provence village of La Garde Freinet, then moving on to St Tropez, Cannes, Nice…

Posted on: July 22nd in Europe, Our Trips, Travel by .
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