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10 of the best road trips in Australia and New Zealand

In two countries known for their long stretches of road and endless supply of gorgeous scenery, selecting the best road trips is tricky task. Our writer Scott, spent almost a year exploring this part of the world so we asked him to choose a few of his favourites…

Posted on: September 10th in Australia, Travel by .

Six travel destinations for late summer sun

If you don’t have children and aren’t still in education, then avoid the crazy travel months of July and August and wait until early autumn instead. Here are six gorgeous travel destinations to catch the last of the summer rays…

Posted on: September 10th in Travel by .

Kayaking through Venice (forget the gondolas)!

Some people choose gondolas, others speedy water taxis but our writer Lee Hubbard choose to kayak his way through the beautiful city of Venice…

Posted on: September 5th in Europe by .

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day

One of the most important nations in Latin America and the most populous Spanish speaking country in the world, Mexico is a nation on the rise and it’s been doing its own thing since the nineteenth century…

Posted on: September 5th in North America, Travel by .

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland

A fusion of Italian, French and German cultures but still with a strong identity of its own, Switzerland makes an alluring travel destination. The landlocked European country is known for its attractive cities, its apre-ski chic and famously idyllic mountain scenery…

Posted on: September 2nd in Beautiful Places, Europe, Travel by .

10 unspoilt beaches in Turkey for travel snobs

When Turkey-fever began years ago, many fell in love with its rough-edged exoticism but that was soon swallowed up by the country’s ongoing urbanisation, catering for the masses. Traditional postcard-esque fishing villages were swallowed up by ugly apartment blocks..

Posted on: September 2nd in Europe, Travel Snobs by .

10 things to do in Guatemala by Adventures with Pedro

Originally from Mississauga, Chris Vervaeke is a blogger and adventurer who travels the world with his cute friend Pedro. Okay Pedro is actually a knitted penguin puppet but he still makes a great (and presumably very low maintenance) travelling partner. The two of them blog about their travels on Adventures with Pedro and here they tell us about their experiences in Guatemala, a country in Central America we were curious to know more about…

Posted on: August 30th in South America, Travel by .

The best of British: beautiful buildings of London

When it comes to awesome-feats of engineering and iconic buildings, London is pretty hard to beat. From Royal residences to historical churches here are five of my favourites..

Posted on: August 30th in Travel, UK by .

Competition: Win a GoPro Hero for your next adventure worth £200

Are you planning to hike up a mountain, watch a sunset on a deserted beach or jump off a bridge anytime soon? Well if you are, you can make your travelling friends green with envy and record your experience with a GoPro Hero 3, one of the world’s most versatile cameras….

Posted on: August 27th in Travel by .

10 cool things to do in Birmingham

What used to be a byword for bad town planning, Birmingham now has a completely revitalized look with gleaming glass buildings and pinches of modernism gracing its town centre. Brum, as the locals affectionately call it, or Birmingham (as the rest of the world knows it) has actually got some pretty cool things going on…

Posted on: August 27th in Travel, UK by .
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