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Unusual places to visit in Europe: Spain’s smurf village

In 2011, Sony pictures scoured the globe for the perfect setting of its new Smurf movie. The company landed on a sleepy Andalucian village called Juzcar, not far from the Malaga coastline. This historical village, featuring traditional white houses or pueblo blanco…

Posted on: June 26th in Europe, Travel by .

12 under the radar things to do in Rome

Veritably drenched in history as far back as, well, almost forever. It’s easy to see why people come from all corners of the globe to experience the delights found within this Italian capital. Whether it’s the ornate and bountiful fountains found throughout the city such as the Trevi Fountain….

Posted on: June 22nd in Travel, Travel Snobs by .

Competition: win a £150 holiday voucher for your favourite travel destination

Owning a travel blog means that we’re often asked where our favourite place in the world is and yes of course it’s a tough choice. To help launch their holiday voucher competition (where you could win a £150 voucher to use on your favourite travel destination) Southall Travel has asked us that very question….

Posted on: June 19th in Travel by .

A Canadian adrenalin rush – a trip to Edmonton, Jasper and Banff

The second-biggest country in the world has a seemingly endless supply of unspoilt landscapes and extraordinary wildlife. Our writer Scott Balaam flew with KLM to explore some of the best parts of this famously beautiful corner of North America…

Posted on: June 16th in North America by .

The most beautiful treks in Peru

Few places strike excitement into the heart of the intrepid explorer like Peru does. It features heavily on nearly everyone’s bucket list and is consistently pigeon-holed into the category of holidays known elusively as ‘the trip of a lifetime!’ But what makes it so alluring….

Posted on: June 12th in South America by .

Top 10 things to do in Nicaragua

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this Central American nation is gaining increasing popularity as a travel destination probably due to its dramatically beautiful scenery. It’s sometimes known as ‘Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’ …

Posted on: June 9th in South America by .

Discovering Israel

The small Middle Eastern country bordered by Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon has been a meeting place of different cultures and religions since the beginning of history. The four major religions—Bahaism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—all have ties to the region…

Posted on: June 5th in Middle East, Travel by .

Amberlair – the world’s first crowdsourced boutique hotel!

We’ve never been a huge fan of sterile chain hotels so when we first heard about the unique concept of a boutique hotel created with the help of the global travel community, we were definitely eager to know more. Passionate about small, characterful hotels in inspiring locations…

Posted on: June 3rd in Travel by .

15 of our favourite beautiful views

Owning a travel blog takes us to all corners of the globe and we’ve been lucky enough to collect many beautiful memories and photographs along the way. We’re often asked about our favourite places, so in partnership with the global travel brand Expedia, we’ve selected our 15 of our personal favourite beautiful views around the world…

Posted on: May 29th in Beautiful Places, Our Trips by .

The Mercure #6FriendsTheory competition – what happened next!

Back in January we posted about the fun and intriguing competition launched by the large hotel chain, Mecure. The international competition was based around the famous theory of six degrees of separation. First suggested by Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy….

Posted on: May 29th in Travel by .
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