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10 awesome London events to go this summer 

With the summer already in full swing, you shouldn’t be missing out on any more fun. From cool open air movies to lazing around on a city beach, here’s our top picks for 10 awesome London events to go this summer…

Posted on: July 1st in UK by .

Luxury evoJets review: the Carolinas

Though they are separate states with unique identities, both North and South Carolina share some gorgeous attributes for their throngs of yearly visitors. Majestic mountains, lush forests and serene beaches dot the map in both of these classic Mid-Atlantic States. The hospitality of both is also equally legendary…

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Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France: a remembrance trip

As we walked around and listened to the guides, the true tragedy what had happened gradually started to sink in. The number of casualties during WW1 is believed to be around 37 million (with over 16 million deaths) and if you had passed through this particular corner of France towards the end of 1918, nothing would have remained, not a single house, church or even a tree….

Posted on: June 27th in Europe by .

Essential tech kit for a travel blogging geek

Savvy travellers would never leave home without their tech essentials, especially if you’re travel blogger. If you’re someone that needs to keep your blogs and social networks up to date at all hours, then these products could become of your essential travelling kit…

Posted on: June 27th in Travel by .

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Wales 

Often overlooked in comparison to England and Scotland, Wales actually packs a hell of a lot of beauty into a relatively small mass of land with sprawling mountain ranges, lush green valleys, ragged coastline, gorgeously preserved castles and postcard-pretty market towns. We feel Wales doesn’t receive half the amount of attention it deserves…

Posted on: June 23rd in Beautiful Places, UK by .

Travel intelligence: finding a Caribbean island to suit you

Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or playing water sports, Caribbean vacations offer something for everyone – but with so many islands to choose from, how can you be sure your destination will have everything you need? Here are some things to consider when planning your next Caribbean vacation….

Posted on: June 23rd in Travel by .

Under-the-radar European countries to take road trips in 2014 

How many times have you been somewhere and concluded “It was amazing, but it was just too crowded”? It is more than likely that this has happened numerous times, and escaping the crowds can be a real challenge. One of the most liberating ways to see a place is as a part of a road trip. The sense of freedom and independence that comes when you take to the road is hard to match. So why not hit the road and discover some of Europe’s best, and less touristy, road trips…

Posted on: June 19th in Europe, Travel by .

5 of the best cars to take on a road trip

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? You’ve got a vehicle full of people you love, a rocking playlist, and tons of cool things to see along the way. Embarking on a road trip with the wrong vehicle, however, can lead to unexpected problems…

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The best Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants in the USA

To celebrate CheapOair’s 50 flight tickets to the USA give-away they asked us what would be on our USA bucket list. After many years of hearing about how incredible the vegetarian restaurants were in the USA I was determined to make it my mission to try out as many as possible….

Posted on: June 16th in North America by .

Private jets – not just for rock stars & billionaires?

Aside from being incredibly cool, private jet travel offers a world of convenience and luxury that many people do not fully appreciate. For most private flyers the main points of attraction to charter aviation are time savings, trip flexibility and comfort….

Posted on: June 16th in Travel by .
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