10 spooky haunted places to visit in the USA

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10 spooky haunted places to visit in the USA – Are you looking for a break that combines the thrill of historical adventure with a slight taste of the macabre? The USA has a wealth of spooky parks, haunted houses and creepy attractions that are not just for Halloween. Here are just ten of them…

1. St Augustine, Florida

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This quaint historic city was the first Spanish settlement in the United States. The Castillo De San Marco is a famous tourist attraction in the oldest city where hauntings supposedly take place. Reported spooky areas of the castle include the watch tower and the dungeon. Tour guides are available when visiting and they seem more than happy to discuss the forts haunted history.

2. Jonesboro, Arkansas

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Jonesboro is the largest city in Northeast Arkansas, bordering the Ozark mountains. While visiting local Craig’s Lake, beware of the ghost of a person who drowned while swimming with three teenage friends. He is often spotted swimming in the water, yelling for help.

3. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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One of the most famous battles of the civil war was fought here. While visiting the park and memorial, guests have reported armies marching in step. Others have reported sad ghostly wives looking for their spouses who had fallen during battle.

4. San Francisco, California

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The San Francisco’s Golden Gate park is said to be home to two ghosts. One is a police officer who might try to give you a ticket. Locals claim they have received tickets, only to find the officer did not exist. The other ghost is apparently a mother who hid a pregnancy from her family. She supposedly killed her baby and herself and has been seen roaming Strawberry Hill by Stowe Lake where she drowned. If you fancy staying also check out our list of cool hotels San Francisco.

5. Asheville, North Carolina

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Called the Paris of the south, Asheville is home to the famous Biltmore House that supposedly still houses the occupants’ ghosts. George W. Vanderbilt and his wife Edith, are often heard throughout the mansion. His wife can still be heard in the library, softly talking to her husband. George’s spirit is often felt and heard in his two favorite rooms – the Billiard room and the Oak Sitting room.

6. Colorado Springs, Colorado

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This city is located in the Rocky Mountains. If you’re visiting and want to find the most spooky place then head for the Garden of the Gods, which was once an Indian burial ground. Some visitors have said that they feel a presence in their cars when driving through the park. Tourists have also reported loss of breaks and engines stalling.

7. San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio is known as the home of the Alamo. Nearby Mission San Jose has a romantic ghost story – a stonemason fell in love with a maiden while constructing the mission. She fell ill and after dying, the stonemason built a rose window with a memorial in honor of her. If you are lucky, you can catch sight of her in the window.

8. Beaufort, South Carolina

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The historic city in the deep south has a rich history, complete with local ghost legends. Jean Ribault, who founded the area, is said to have had a dwarf travelling with him by the name of Gauche. He has been reported in various locations in Beaufort, including The Castle home downtown. Previous residents state they have seen the ghost and spoken with him through tapping on tables, sort of akin to a Morse code signal.

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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A visit to Fort Mifflin – which is located on the property of the the only remaining intact Revolutionary battlefield – has two ghosts of its own. Visit the fort and (allegedly) you can meet The Screaming Woman and The Man Without a Face. The Screaming Woman frequents the officer quarters and the Man Without a Face haunts the casements where the unlucky prisoners were once housed.

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

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No list of haunted cities would be complete without the Big Easy. The haunted LaLaurie House in the French Quarter of New Orleans has a sad history. When a fire broke out at the house in 1834, many slaves were trapped. Some were chained and beaten and it was even said that some were used for science experiments. Their ghosts often reappear and have been seen on the balcony of the house.

Many of these haunted cities offer guided tours. Check with sites before visiting, as some may be heavily guarded or even off limits. After visiting the local haunts of each city, check out other attractions. Remember to bring your camera for a picture with the local friendly ghosts!

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