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Competition: win a chance to see the beautiful Northern Lights

Almost on every traveller’s bucket list is seeing the Northern Lights. Famously elusive but truly spectacular, the Aurora Borealis even topped a UK survey of the most sought after travel experience in the world. Seeing the natural phenomenon gained 37% of the vote closely followed….

Posted on: April 2nd in Travel by .

Borneo’s most beautiful natural spots

Borneo, the third-largest island in the world and the largest island of Asia has an abundance of natural wonders, from virgin jungle and intriguing rare wildlife to world class diving and one of the biggest network of caves in the world. From our trip to beautiful Sabah (one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo) here’s our favourite beautiful natural spots in Borneo…

Posted on: March 27th in Asia, Travel by .

Buff Headwear review – the ultimate funky travel accessory?

We’re always on the look out for trendy travel products, especially if mixes practicality and a great design. So when we were offered to try out a ‘Buff’ we jumped at the chance. For those new to the concept, a Buff is versatile headwear accessory…

Posted on: March 17th in Travel by .

Top 8 most common UK place mispronunciations

The English language can be a funny thing sometimes. There are a lot of linguistic quirks that differ in each part of the country and sometimes it can be tough to know your Shrewsbury’s from your…

Posted on: March 6th in Travel by .

Up close with the endangered wildlife of Borneo: Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

From pristine beaches to sublime sunsets, Sabah (one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo) has natural beauty in abundance. Although, the travel destination is arguably most famous for its gorgeous soft-bellied, auburn-haired jungle residents the orang-utans. Highly endangered…

Posted on: March 3rd in Asia, Our Trips, Travel by .

The Éclair Diaries: a mix of design hotels, culture and cuisine

Design hotels, culture and cuisine are definitely a few words that get us excited here at Global Grasshopper so when we found out about Le Méridien’s new series of videos in the rather lovely titled “Éclair Diaries” we were eager to find out more….

Posted on: February 26th in Travel by .

Where to find the stylish side of Lanzarote

Forgot your preconceptions of all day breakfast cafes and concrete high rise hotels, the Canary Islands are actually going through a stage of major reinvention. With its surreally beautiful volcanic landscapes, Lanzarote has always been a unique travel destination, but now it’s also becoming quite the chic retreat…

Posted on: February 24th in Travel by .

Why you should take a break: health benefits of a vacation

It may be hard for you to step away from your busy schedule. Often, taking time off of work is reserved for emergencies or sick days. However, most jobs do offer vacation days-even if most Americans are not typically inclined to take them. Taking a vacation can have big benefits, aside from getting paid to not be at work….

Posted on: February 19th in Travel by .

Where we really want to be right now #wishiwasreallyhere

We’re always up for a challenge here at Global Grasshopper headquarters so when Cosmos asked to enter their fun and slightly off-the-wall competition we were happy to oblige! The competition is about showing exactly where you want to right now (i.e your perfect holiday destination) by getting creative with everyday items…

Posted on: February 9th in Travel by .

Booking with Only-Apartments: a stylish alternative to hotels

Thinking of taking a break longer than a few days? There is an alternative to expensive hotels, here Only-Apartments talk about why apartments are a good option when it comes trip…

Posted on: February 6th in Travel by .
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