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A week in Provence – off the beaten track

For idyllic rural vistas, vineyards, sunflowers and ancient villages there is no better place than Provence in South Eastern France. It’s no surprise that the region has inspired more than it’s fair share of Artists, Poets and Writers…..

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Interview with Deepak Ohri – CEO of the luxury hotel and restaurant chain lebua

In September we were invited to spend the evening at “Breeze,” Frankfurt’s latest stylish restaurant by Lebua Hotels and Resorts. With a progressive ethos and a prestigious collection of five star hotels and fine restaurants in Thailand, New Zealand and India….

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Under-the-radar travel destinations: Picardy France

We’re always eager to find out about under the radar travel designations especially one’s that are relatively unknown in an already popular tourist. Enter Picardy! This under-the-radar region is often said to be one of France’s best kept secret…..

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7 things that business travellers find annoying

There is nothing worse than rushing to catch a flight only to find out it’s been delayed and you find yourself stuck in a grey airport lounge with soggy snacks, a bad wifi connection and a raucous family of five…

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13 quirky jobs for the desperate traveller

Working while traveling is a great way to maintain the adventure, but it’s not usually a path paved in riches. Often you’ll be working for minimum wage or tackling monotonous tasks. So how do you make it more exciting….

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Competition: win tickets to the Rugby World Cup, Ascot, Goodwood Revival and Moto GP!

It’s been 16 long years since the Rugby World cup has been held in the UK. How would you fancy going to a Rugby World Cup match? Perhaps getting your adrenaline pumping at the Silverstone MotoGP…

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Competition: share your #Lateroomsmoment to win trip vouchers

Travelling always ensures you have plenty of great moments to capture and now you can turn your most memorable moments into a chance to win vouchers for your next trip! The popular booking website have launched a fantastic competition where they want you to share your #LateRoomsMoment….

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Unusual places to visit in Europe: Spain’s smurf village

In 2011, Sony pictures scoured the globe for the perfect setting of its new Smurf movie. The company landed on a sleepy Andalucian village called Juzcar, not far from the Malaga coastline. This historical village, featuring traditional white houses or pueblo blanco…

Posted on: June 26th in Europe, Travel by .

12 under the radar things to do in Rome

Veritably drenched in history as far back as, well, almost forever. It’s easy to see why people come from all corners of the globe to experience the delights found within this Italian capital. Whether it’s the ornate and bountiful fountains found throughout the city such as the Trevi Fountain….

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Competition: win a £150 holiday voucher for your favourite travel destination

Owning a travel blog means that we’re often asked where our favourite place in the world is and yes of course it’s a tough choice. To help launch their holiday voucher competition (where you could win a £150 voucher to use on your favourite travel destination) Southall Travel has asked us that very question….

Posted on: June 19th in Travel by .
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