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A travel snob’s guide to Ghent, Belgium

While most head for Brussels or Bruges, the small but perfectly formed city of Ghent in Belgium is arguably Europe’s best kept secret. The Flemish city was once the most powerful in Europe but today it’s a laid back place with a faint bohemian air….

Posted on: August 29th in Europe, Travel, Travel Snobs by .

Inside the Ferrari Driver Academy: mind games #insideFDA

As I pulled out of the garage and accelerated along the Silverstone pit lane, I began to regret eating so much pasta for lunch. I was strapped into a Formula 1 car, and putting my foot down, I could feel the vibrations through the tyres. Turning into the first corner, my nerves gave way to a rush of excitement…

Posted on: August 15th in Our Trips, Travel by .

Living in Vietnam: eight observations about local life

The Vietnamese people in general are a special mix of culture, tradition and superstition however despite the religious, historical and socio-economic backgrounds that exist among the 89 million people of this enigmatic country, they all love to smile and are genuinely interested in tourists…

Posted on: August 15th in Asia, Travel by .

America’s beautiful Pacific Northwest – evoJets charter review

Our charter flight expert Rich Palese chooses his favourite spots along America’s beautiful Pacific Northwest – a place known for its lush forests, pristine coastline and some very cool cities…

Posted on: August 12th in Travel by .

10 awesome European festivals to head to this autumn

Europe’s many diverse cultures mean there’s no shortage of incredible festivals happening this autumn in towns and cities, from Scotland to Spain. Whether you’re into music, art or outdoor games, there’s something for everyone. Here are a few that we think just might be worth experiencing…

Posted on: August 8th in Europe, Travel by .

On the trail of Star Wars locations in Tunisia

To mark the occasion of my 50th (country visited, not my birthday…) I knew I wanted to do something special. Since watching the entire original Star Wars trilogy at a Brighton cinema in 1983 I’ve been a massive fan of George Lucas’ mythical universe…

Posted on: August 5th in Africa, Travel by .

In pictures: views of Rio de Janeiro

Riding high on its recent success at hosting the World Cup, Rio is more popular than ever; from Copacabana and Ipanema beaches to Sugarloaf Mountain and the instantly recognisable Christ the Redeemer, there are many iconic sights to see in this bustling city. Here’s our friend Sean Roberts’ hazy views of this extraordinary city…

Posted on: August 5th in South America, Travel by .

Inside the Ferrari Driver Academy: training to win

It was 10am on a Tuesday, and a man I’d only just met had given me his shorts. Luckily, the man in question was the aptly named Andrea Ferrari, and the shorts meant I didn’t have to spend the morning work out in my jeans. I was still recovering from the shock of finding myself in a gym when I was handed a red Ferrari Driver Academy t shirt, and pulling it on, I suddenly felt rather privileged…

Posted on: July 29th in Our Trips, Travel by .

America’s most unusual road side attractions

If you really want to enjoy an overseas holiday and you have the time, then hire a car and travel down some of the iconic highways that criss-cross the USA. Your journey will be enlivened by some of the strangest sights you’ll probably ever see as you drive through this panoramic and diverse country…

Posted on: July 25th in Travel by .

Sliven, Bulgaria: home of the European tree of the year winner 2014

The European Tree of the Year contest is a project of the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation which stems from the Czech national well-established Tree of the Year contest. It was developed to strengthen the communities..

Posted on: July 25th in Travel by .
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