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Top 10 best value Ski resorts – where to get more piste for your pound!

Skiing has long been seen as a pastime for those among us on a healthy income, images of 1980’s society types in Aran jumpers sipping Napoleon brandy by a roaring log fire spring to mind…

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Top 10 tips on how to ‘Switch-Off’ on your holiday

Taking a holiday is important for many of us, as is the ability to switch off when we’re there, which in this digital age is easier said than done! An interesting study by American Express® Preferred Rewards Gold Card found that almost half of us….

Posted on: December 14th in Top 10s by .

10 cracking reasons to visit Kraków

Although Eastern Europe once seemed remote, secretive and a little bit edgy, it now finds itself planted firmly on the tourist map, with visitors flocking to some of the region’s most popular cities. Destinations such as Prague, Budapest and Dubrovnik….

Posted on: March 6th in Europe, Top 10s by .

10 reasons why Sabah, Borneo is the ultimate honeymoon destination

From steamy jungles to blissful mountains, balmy beaches and peaceful villages, Sabah – one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo – is awash with a bounty of natural treasures seemingly tailor made for fun, relaxation and adventure. We had also heard that Sabah is one of the most romantic places on Earth…

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10 of the most breathtakingly beautiful places to visit on the planet

There are billions of planets in the universe, but there may be none as beautiful as the Earth. We may be making strides in space exploration and we may be able to visit other planets…

Posted on: December 5th in Top 10s, Travel by .

10 off the beaten track destinations to discover in Indonesia

Probably, the first destination that comes into your mind when you hear of Indonesia is Bali, right? Indonesia is way more diverse and has around 16 999 more islands to for you to explore! Long white sand beaches, virgin rain forest jungles, unique diving spots with 100 species of corals, friendly and smiling locals are just a few reasons why Indonesia should be on your bucket list! To fuel your wanderlust and start packing right now, I’d like to share the next 10 absolutely unique and hidden places in Indonesia…

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Ten of the best destinations to charter a yacht

There is little to compare to the freedom of chartering your own yacht and sailing around sunny climes in turquoise waters. Chartering your own boat allows you to encounter different countries, cultures and food in one holiday without the hassle of airport check-ins and on your own terms…

Posted on: May 22nd in Top 10s, Travel by .

10 great places to eat in Bangkok, Thailand – a hipster’s guide

From food stalls to five star restaurants and everything in between, you could live your whole life in Bangkok and never be able to eat in every restaurant in the city. I gave it a shot during my six months living there, as exhibited by the five extra pounds on my ass but it was worth it. Here are some of my favourite spots..

Posted on: May 2nd in Asia, Top 10s, Travel by .

10 cool things to do in Hong Kong

Ultramodern, shimmering and chic—Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan cityscape easily boasts some of the world’s best shopping and dining experiences in the world. But though there might be enough Luis Vuittons and Michelin-starred restaurants to drain even the deepest of wallets….

Posted on: March 24th in Asia, Top 10s by .

Top 10 beautiful European cities to visit by train

Europe is where history mingles with modern flair and it’s also a place where you’ll see some of the most beautiful cities in the world. I personally think one of the best ways is to explore Europe is by rail…

Posted on: February 28th in Europe, Top 10s by .
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