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10 of the most breathtakingly beautiful places to visit on the planet

There are billions of planets in the universe, but there may be none as beautiful as the Earth. We may be making strides in space exploration and we may be able to visit other planets…

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10 off the beaten track destinations to discover in Indonesia

Probably, the first destination that comes into your mind when you hear of Indonesia is Bali, right? Indonesia is way more diverse and has around 16 999 more islands to for you to explore! Long white sand beaches, virgin rain forest jungles, unique diving spots with 100 species of corals, friendly and smiling locals are just a few reasons why Indonesia should be on your bucket list! To fuel your wanderlust and start packing right now, I’d like to share the next 10 absolutely unique and hidden places in Indonesia…

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Ten of the best destinations to charter a yacht

There is little to compare to the freedom of chartering your own yacht and sailing around sunny climes in turquoise waters. Chartering your own boat allows you to encounter different countries, cultures and food in one holiday without the hassle of airport check-ins and on your own terms…

Posted on: May 22nd in Travel, Travel Top 10s by .

10 great places to eat in Bangkok – a hipster’s guide

From food stalls to five star restaurants and everything in between, you could live your whole life in Bangkok and never be able to eat in every restaurant in the city. I gave it a shot during my six months living there, as exhibited by the five extra pounds on my ass but it was worth it. Here are some of my favourite spots..

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10 cool things to do in Hong Kong

Ultramodern, shimmering and chic—Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan cityscape easily boasts some of the world’s best shopping and dining experiences in the world. But though there might be enough Luis Vuittons and Michelin-starred restaurants to drain even the deepest of wallets….

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Top 10 beautiful European cities to visit by train

Europe is where history mingles with modern flair and it’s also a place where you’ll see some of the most beautiful cities in the world. I personally think one of the best ways is to explore Europe is by rail…

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10 of the best beach resorts in the UK

There’s nothing like dreaming of golden sands to cheer yourself up in the dreary winter months. The UK might not be the first place you’ll think of when booking your beach holiday but it’s actually home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, you just have to know where to find them….

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10 cool places to party on New Year’s Eve

Before any thoughts of saintly New Year resolutions occupy your mind, we have compiled a list of all our favourite very cool places to party this New Year’s Eve that will have you knocking back the champers, dancing until…

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10 cool things to do in London

Visiting London means having a busy schedule — especially for those visiting the capital for the first time. Of course there are the standard attractions to visit in London…

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10 of the best travel destinations to capture beautiful photography

Interest in travel photography has exploded over the last decade, mostly thanks to the developments in digital photography. If you’re a keen photographer you’ll know that there are few things more satisfying than capturing a really good photo. We asked the experts at the boutique photographic art gallery Tint Art which travel destinations they think provide picture perfect results almost very time you click the shutter….

Posted on: October 21st in Beautiful Places, Travel, Travel Top 10s by .
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