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7 fabulous things to do on the Gold Coast, Australia for travel snobs

With several action packed theme parks, a huge party and nightclub scene, around three hundred days of sunshine a year, long wide wide beaches, perfect surf and even a huge shiny casino – Queensland’s glitzy Gold Coast is the place….

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Exploring Fraser Island – Australia’s most unique beauty spot

Lying 200 kilometres north of Brisbane and just off the Queensland’s coast is one of nature’s most perfect creations, Fraser Island. The World Heritage site and the largest sand island on the globe is also one of Australia’s most captivating beauty spots. Developed over a period of 800,000 thousand years…

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In BIG pictures: beauty spots of Queensland, Australia

We were invited on the exciting ‪#‎ThisisQueensland‬ blog trip with Visit Queensland touring around Australia’s dazzling northeastern corner. With days of endless sunshine, gorgeous coastal towns and some of the finest beaches in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s an extraordinarily beautiful place…

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How to plan an awesome Australian Road trip for 2016

With its long stretches of road and endless supply of gorgeous scenery – an Australian road trip is classic bucket list fodder. Thinking about adding it to your list in 2016? Then here’s exactly what you need to think about….

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Australia’s most beautiful wine tasting spots

With 63 designated wine regions scattered across the country, Australia has come into its own as a major world wine producer. In fact, the country is now the world’s fourth-largest exporter, after the major Mediterranean producers of Italy, Spain, and France….

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The Northern Territory’s natural beauty

When planning to visit the Northern Territory, travellers should be aware of the plethora of holiday activities available to them….

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Australia’s most underrated beauty spots

Not many but some of Australia’s most beautiful spots have fallen under the major tourist radar. From laid back seaside towns to pristine islands here are some of our collective favourites..

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10 of the most beautiful camping spots in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are two countries known for their pristine natural wilderness and striking unspoilt landscapes. Plan a camping trip in either and you’re always guaranteed some seriously spectacular scenery. From the world’s whitest beaches to gigantic sand islands, here are 10 of the most beautiful places to camp in Australia and New Zealand…

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10 of the best road trips in Australia and New Zealand

In two countries known for their long stretches of road and endless supply of gorgeous scenery, selecting the best road trips is tricky task. Our writer Scott, spent almost a year exploring this part of the world so we asked him to choose a few of his favourites…

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Lesser known stops along Australia’s East Coast

The route up (or down) the Australian East coast is THE most travelled back packer route in the world, or so my Travel agent told me sitting in rainy London many months ago now. Being such an audacious claim I’m not going to put my head on the line and endorse this, but there’s no mistaking it as a mecca of travel for backpackers, flashpackers, career breakers and wandering souls…

Posted on: July 30th in Australia, Travel by .
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