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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Botswana

Although this landlocked African country is home to some uniquely beautiful landscapes (including brilliant red sand dunes and the world’s largest salt pans) it’s all about the wildlife. Botswana is filled with sprawling open savannahs which teem with migrating mammals…

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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tanzania

From snow capped peaks to ‘Big Five’s safaris and paradise-esque islands, the East African country is basking in its new found status of being a hot travel destination for both luxurious and adventurous travellers. Here Tanzania expert Greg Bell chooses his favourite gorgeously enchanting spots in this beautiful country…

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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tunisia

Although it’s famous for its sprawling sand dunes, elegant spas and desert Star War sets, the smallest country in North Africa is not always synonymous with beauty, but of course beauty is subjective and vastly underrated Tunisia…

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The sound of West Africa: mastering the djembe drum in Gambia

The first of my senses to be awoken in The Gambia, fresh off the plane, was my hearing. Not the dizzying cacophony of noise often associated with African capital cities, but the welcoming voices and laughter…

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A twitcher’s paradise: bird (and monkey) watching in the Gambia

“Is that called a German Flag bird?” I blurt out, a little too quickly, to my guide Malick – immediately displaying my bird-watching naivety. Although I’m only looking at a picture of this charming little black, yellow and red bird, a few hours later I’m staring right at the real thing…

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The Gambia: the Wide Open Walls Art Project

The most memorable parts of a trip abroad don’t always turn out to be the things you were expecting – going to see the Pyramids in Egypt but being blown away by the sand dunes and desert oasis in Siwa, for example…

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Winter climbing in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains

Our adventure loving friend Ross Taylor swapped his skis for climbing gear to tackle Morocco’s beautiful High Atlas Mountains….

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On the trail on mountain gorillas in Uganda

Some of the planet’s last remaining mountain gorillas can be found in Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda and it’s been our writer Lee Hubbard’s life long dream to see them. Last month he flew to Uganda to track and watch these beautiful rare creatures in their natural habitat. Here he tells us about the his journey to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the heart-stopping moment he finally got to see them….

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Unexpected African getaways

Sometimes it’s the slightly more unexpected travel destinations that give the best rewards. Here are some very cool African getaways that you may not have considered before…

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10 of the best types of safari in Africa

The word safari conjures all kinds of imagery, from the sweeping plains of the savannah and huge herds of animals to Africa’s big cats stalking their prey. However, there’s a lot more to a safari than this surface vision, dig a little deeper and you will discover safari is very much a blanket term for a variety of different things….

Posted on: May 9th in Africa, Travel by .
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