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Unspoilt places to visit in Northern Cyprus for travel snobs

Established 34 years ago, this is a self-proclaimed republic on the northern and eastern side of the island of Cyprus. It’s only officially recognised by two other nations but it’s a place where time stands still and where idyllic scenery includes slow-paced villages, uncrowded beaches, majestic Crusader castles and panoramic mountain views….

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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Botswana

Although this landlocked African country is home to some uniquely beautiful landscapes (including brilliant red sand dunes and the world’s largest salt pans) it’s all about the wildlife. Botswana is filled with sprawling open savannahs which teem with migrating mammals…

Posted on: April 18th in Africa, Beautiful Places, Travel by .

Unspoilt places to visit in Sicily for travel snobs

In spite of its dubious mafia connections Sicily is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination with more and more visitors discovering the alluring Italian island each year. It’s a traditional and rustic place with a rich culture and a heady mix of architecture, arts, cuisine, literature, music and history….

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10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tanzania

From snow capped peaks to ‘Big Five’s safaris and paradise-esque islands, the East African country is basking in its new found status of being a hot travel destination for both luxurious and adventurous travellers. Here Tanzania expert Greg Bell chooses his favourite gorgeously enchanting spots in this beautiful country…

Posted on: April 11th in Africa, Beautiful Places by .

In BIG pictures: ethereal shots of New Zealand and South East Asia

From geothermal areas to tropical islands, New Zealand and South East Asia are both parts of the world that offer an almost other worldly beauty. Our guest writer and photographer from has captured some of the best and most beautiful scenery from New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and East Java, Indonesia….

Posted on: April 2nd in Asia, Travel by .

Competition: win a trip to Cuba worth €5,000!

Having just got back from Cuba we can safely say the land of rum, salsa and endless sunshine is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. It lived up every expectation, especially its capital Havana – a place known for its crumbling colonial mansions, 1950s time-warp style and friendly music loving residents (and yes people really do dance on the street)…

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Under the radar Euro cities you should visit this year

Forgot packed capital cities and head out some overlooked European cities instead, here’s our collective choice for the best under-the-radar destinations for your next Euro adventure…

Posted on: March 27th in Europe by .

10 cool things to do in Hong Kong

Ultramodern, shimmering and chic—Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan cityscape easily boasts some of the world’s best shopping and dining experiences in the world. But though there might be enough Luis Vuittons and Michelin-starred restaurants to drain even the deepest of wallets….

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Marseille, France: a rich tapestry of colour and culture

Not always thought of as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Marseille has since ditched its edgy reputation in favour of a new era of sophistication. In fact France’s second largest city has done so well in turning around its fortunes that it was named European Capital of Culture in 2013….

Posted on: March 21st in Europe, Travel by .

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is a place we keep hearing a lot about in the travel blogging world recently, with many looking to discover a more authentic Southeast Asian experience than the well worn backpacker’s trail of the more popular Thailand. Today our guest blogger Cherry grew up in the Philippines so she’s a great person to ask about the country’s most beautiful places…

Posted on: March 18th in Asia, Beautiful Places by .
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