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Top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Copenhagen

Denmark’s cool capital has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a fishing village in the 10th century. Now it is considered by many as the gem of Scandinavia, wowing visitors with its clean design and simple architectural lines as well….

Posted on: April 1st in Cool Hotels, Travel by .

Top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Portland

Ah, Portland! One of my favourite places in the USA! When I visited early last year I had the sensation I may just have found my spiritual home. Small and compact, not too far from the beautiful Oregon coastline, Portland epitomises everything which is good about the hipster scene….

Posted on: January 26th in Cool Hotels by .

Top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Las Vegas

America’s original Sin City is home to some of the craziest places to stay in the world. When we touched down there a few years we spent a couple of days wandering around the amazingly unique hotels. From old school kitsch to design boutiques hotels here is our collective choice for Top 10 Cool and Unusual hotels in Las Vegas…

Posted on: March 14th in Cool Hotels, North America, Travel by .

Top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Cape Town

Home to a warm climate, a vibrant culture and some of most breathtakingly beautiful vistas in the world, Cape Town has spent decades seducing its many visitors. Relax on the beach, commune with the local wildlife, take a tipple on a wine-tasting tour or just experience Cape Town’s unique view on life, often reflected in their collection of unusual hotels….

Posted on: January 9th in Cool Hotels, Travel by .

Cool hotels of London: K West Hotel & Spa

Sat on a quiet residential street in west London, K West Hotel & Spa with its huge glass front exterior, cuts a surreally striking figure, especially amongst the sea of Victorian terraced houses which surround it. Just a mere two minute stroll from Shepherd’s Bush station and the shopping behemoth Westfield London…

Posted on: August 9th in Cool Hotels, Our Trips, Travel, UK by .

Five beautifully quirky places to stay

Are you looking for a hotel with a difference? Somewhere with personality and character? We’ve put together a list of five beautifully quirky places to stay around the world…

Posted on: June 24th in Cool Hotels, Travel by .

Top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Reykjavik

Iceland’s cool capital is known for its love of design, partying and its unique view of life. While staying in Reykjavik we scouted out some of the best places to stay. From kitsch hostels to a guesthouse promoting peace here is our top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Reykjavik…

Posted on: December 7th in Cool Hotels, Travel by .

10 of the world’s weirdest hotels

From hamster dens to beds made of sand here is our guest writers choice for 10 of the world’s strangest hotels on the planet…

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Top 10 most futuristic hotels

In the ever changing world of the hotel industry, the future definitely looks interesting. Through technology and the continual quest for innovation, the human mind has been able to develop outstanding and unique architectural designs that will probably seem impossible to the average person…

Posted on: August 28th in Cool Hotels, Travel by .

In pictures: the world’s most unusual hotel lobbies

From the kitsch to the futuristic here are hotels with lobbies so beautifully unique you won’t want to leave for your guest room…

Posted on: August 16th in Cool Hotels, Travel by .
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