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Influencer marketing can offer an exceptional return on investment and here at Global Grasshopper we always strive to create and produce the highest quality and most sharable content possible. We have an excellent track record in working on very successful campaigns with clients ranging from smaller independent companies to prestigious household name brands, including a campaign which won a Travel Media Award.

Bloggers have an increasing influence33% of younger people now rely mostly on blogs before they make a purchase, compared to only 3% who look to TV, magazines and books. Also more than one-third of travellers have changed their plans in general after seeing a social media post, and more than half have changed hotel plans (Forbes).

Many of our posts also go viral attracting good quality links, high engagement and gaining high rankings in Google for continuous traffic, leads and visibility. Contact Becky for more detailed information.

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Examples of native style advertorials we have produced for smaller, one off campaigns:

  • 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Myanmar – received over 23,000 views, 17,000 social media shares, 31 comments and now ranks at the top of Google for keywords “beautiful places Burma”, “beautiful places to visit Burma” and “beautiful Burma” among many others (client: Luminous Journeys).
  • 12 of the most beautiful sailing destinations in Europe – over 14,000 views, 6,200 social media shares, 21 comments and now ranks at the top of Google for “beautiful sailing locations”, “beautiful places to sail” and “beautiful sailing destinations” among many others (client: Incrediblue).
  • 8 unique things to do in Thailand – over 13,000 views, 331 social media shares, 19 comments and now ranks highly in Google for “unique things to do in Thailand” (client: AIS Traveller SIM).
  • 10 of the most beautiful National Parks in North America – over 6,000 views, 320 social media shares, 20 comments and now ranks highly in Google images for related keywords (client: Insight Holidays).

Examples of content produced for larger campaigns:  

  • 10 reasons why Sabah is the ultimate honeymoon destination – this was part of a series of five posts produced by us for Royal Brunei and Sabah Tourist Board for the very successful iAmbassador #LoveSabah campaign. This post received over 6,000 views, 480 social media shares and 30 comments. It was also republished in the Epoch Times and was part of the campaign which won a Travel Media Award for content, was nominated for Travel Marketing News 2016 and the Shorty Media Awards 2016. The campaign as a whole (which included a small group of five top influencers, including us) was proven to increase Royal Brunei’s profits and also increase honeymoon package sales in Sabah, Borneo.
  • Exploring Fraser Island: Australia’s most unique beauty spot – this was one of a series of four posts produced by us for the Queensland Tourist Board as part of their ‪#‎ThisisQueensland‬ campaign. This post received over 6,000 views, 2,000 social media shares and 34 comments and the photos were used as promotional material by the Queensland Tourist Board.
  • A weekend in Dublin – without luggage! – this was a post produced for the high profile Moneysupermarket #MSMLostLuggage challenge campaign. It received over 4,000 views, 150 social media shares and 21 comments.
  • Exploring Austria – culture and nature in affluent Vorarlberg  this was one of two posts produced for the Austrian Tourist Board as part of the #roundtripAustria Captivate campaign. It received over 4,500 views, 225 social media shares and the photography was used as promotional material by Visit Austria. The set of these images used by Visit Austria on their Facebook page received 4,200 likes, 260 shares and 81 comments.
  • Exploring Utrecht, Holland – more than just a mini Amsterdam? – this one of two posts produced for Stayokay Utrecht for their #Stayokaysleepover campaign it received more than 7,000 views, 911 social media shares and 29 comments.

What our clients say about us..

“Becky and her team are extremely pleasant and professional to work with and the quality of the writing and photography they produce shows they are at the top of their game. They are easily one of the best blogs in travel and always offer excellent ROI” Lynsey Devon (Owner and Founder of Heaven Publicity) 

“A true professional, Becky and her team really know how to capture the reader’s imagination with engaging insight into the destination accompanied with beautiful photography. Covering unique angles and producing exceptional social media and articles on campaigns, she is always a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her enough!” Emily Wilson (Senior Account Manager at Grifco PR) 

“Lee Hubbard from Global Grasshopper was one of our 24 international bloggers who worked with us on our Stayokay Utrecht – Centrum launch event campaign. It was a real pleasure to work with Lee, he is a very professional blogger who was able to pin point exactly our focus points in both his social media posts and online article. The pictures were perfectly chosen and he delivered an excellent ‘inside story’ of his experience in Utrecht.” Kim Querfurth (PR and communication manager at Stayokay Netherlands)

Who is our audience?

  • Aged mostly 18-45
  • Approximately 60% female 40% male
  • Mostly college educated.
  • The majority of our traffic comes from the UK, then USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.
  • Mainly independent travellers and ‘thinking’ holidaymakers looking to spend a wide variety of budgets when they travel.

How we can work with you

We offer a large number of creative ways of working with your brand, these include…

  • Native style SEO targeted advertorials created for maximum shareability and high rankings in Google.
  • Sponsored reviews, trips, giveaways and competitions designed to be highly engaging with the aim of offering your brand excellent ROI.
  • Brand ambassadorship. We can help to reach out to your target audience by putting a face to your brand.
  • Content creation and/or social media boost for your company website or publication.
  • Banners, videos and widgets placed either in our high traffic posts or on our side bar.
  • Our very popular brand campaigns consisting of engaging real time social media, highly shareable blog posts with high quality aspirational photography and video footage. We also have a very talented professional videographer on our team who has worked with the BBC, Sky and London Fashion Week and has produced excellent video content as part of our campaign packages. These are some examples of Global Grasshopper video campaigns created by our videographer…

This video was produced for the Vauxhall #MokkaX campaign, with our promotion it went viral and received over 10,000 on Facebook and Instagram within one day. It now has received over 51,000 across all our channels.

Vauxhall_FINALv4 from Gary Nunn on Vimeo.

This video produced for the #PlanetChernobyl campaign, with our promotion it went viral receiving over 15,000 views on YouTube in just a few days.

We are also open to collaboration ideas, contact Becky to discuss further.

Why advertise with us?

  • We get an average of 132,000 page views a month
  • Ranked as No.5 UK Travel Blog on the industry respected Vuelio list.
  • Klout Score of 63.
  • Over 25,000 Twitter followers.
  • Over 62,000 Facebook likes.
  • Over 11,200 Instagram followers.
  • Nearly 5,600 Pinterest followers.
  • In nearly 2,000 Google Plus circles.
  • Over 3,500 regular readers through our RSS feed.
  • We’re a Google Page Rank 5
  • Proud members of the travel digital media group Captivate.
  • Our domain is over eight years old.
  • We rank at the top of Google for hundreds of important travel related keywords.
  • We often gain huge amounts of traffic through StumbleUpon and several of our posts have been viewed over a million times.
  • We were part of a small team of influential travel bloggers who worked with both Sabah Tourist Board and Royal Brunei Airlines on an iAmbassador campaign which achieved a very impressive return on investment. As a direct result of the campaign we collectively increased Royal Brunei’s profits and dramatically increased (compared to the year before) honeymoon package sales in Sabah, Borneo.
  • We can prove continuous and impressive above average sales conversions on our site for our affiliate partners. We even rank as one of the highest earning affiliate partners in the UK for HotelsCombined.

Awards, nominations and accolades


National Geographic (best of the blogosphere feature)The Daily MailThe Travel Channel, Forbes, Yahoo Travel, Business Insider, Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, Telegraph Travel, TripAdvisor, Wikihow, Epoch Times, Lifehack, Gadling, RightMove Overseas, Glamour Magazine, La Stampa (Italy’s most popular daily newspaper), Ekstrabladet.dk (National Danish Newspaper), Standaard.be, Nieuwsblad.be (Belgium’s national newspaper sites) Vecernji.hr (Croatia’s leading news site), Visir.is (Iceland’s most popular news and entertainment website),Wort.lu (Luxembourg’s largest newspaper) and had articles referenced by Wikipedia.

Brands we’ve worked with on larger campaigns

Google, Pinterest, Vauxhall, Lonely Planet, British Airways, Royal Brunei, Queensland Tourist Board, Ferrari, MoneySuperMarket, Three Mobile, Singapore Air, KLM, Expedia, St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Board, Travel Supermarket, London City Airport, Discover Hong Kong, SkyScanner, LateRooms.com, Your Singapore, Metropolitan Touring South America, Sabah Tourist Board, Visit Austria, Rickshaw Travel, AirBnB, Swiss Air, Hotel.info, Spanish Tourist Board, Germany Tourist Board, Switzerland Tourist Board, Catalonia Tourist Board, Visit Sweden, Visit Jersey, Exodus Activity and Adventure Holidays, Swedish Lapland Tourist Board, The Gambia Experience, Israel Tourist Board, Sultanate of Oman, Nikon, Leica, Zalando, LowCostHolidays, Discover Ireland, Atout France, Discover Greece, Vibe Israel, Railbookers, Media Ark, Latvia Tourist Board, Live Riga, Visit Zurich, Premier Cottages, Autographer, Jet2 holidays, Barcelo hotels, Visit Oostende, Faville Tours, FPP Travel, Turismo Torino, Eating Italy, MyFerryLink, Eurail, Walks of Italy and Eating London.

Please contact Becky for more detailed information and campaign examples.